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Qaz's Quest 2 - 2010

2010-02-17 18:43:35 by Slyck

I know I've been saying it forever, but this is it. Qaz's Quest 2 - Castle of Darkness will release sometime in 2010. I've revamped some things and even found someone dedicated to doing music. Hold tight.

Qaz's Quest 2: Castle of Darkness

2007-07-23 19:40:14 by Slyck

I've been getting questions about when the next Qaz's Quest installment is coming out. Yea, I had originally set it for a 2006 release, but that was before I knew how huge I was gonna make the game.

**2008 UPDATE**
Yea so I've been saying I'm gonna finish the game for a while now. I've been busy with a lot of stuff lately so I haven't gotten to work on it much. I'm gonna finish the game as time permits....